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Health Coach, Yoga Instructor, or Personal Trainer

Health Coach

Partner with me, a certified health coach who can facilitate behavioral changes that foster overall good health and well-being.

Yoga Instructor

Through yoga and meditation, I can help you live your best life and enjoy a healthy lifestyle through balance of nutrition, body, mind and spirit.

Personal Trainer

As your Personal Trainer, I can teach you how to improve muscular strength and create cellular change for optimal metabolic potential.


Over the course of my training and studies to become a yoga instructor, personal trainer and health coach, I have become an avid exercise enthusiast. I have mastered the art of cross training to bring joy and balance into my own life and I pass that on to my yoga, training and coaching clients.

Whether I am riding my bicycle on a scenic trail or jogging at the local park, I have a deep appreciation for nature and humanity. It is truly an honor to teach others how to draw their body, mind and spirit into greater harmony with each other while providing contentment and well-being for themselves. My yoga classes provide both physical and mental refreshment for my students as I guide them through the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga.


I encourage everyone to have fun with their practice and be mindful…if you’re on your mat and you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga.

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