Yoga Instructor

If you’re on your mat & you’re breathing, you’re doing yoga…

Yoga and meditation are the perfect complement to achieving your goals.

Improve fitness, achieve desired body weight & increase flexibility, build strength and enhance your well-being.

Open up your muscle locks and let your energy flow through to manifest your intentions and become your personal best.

Benefits of Yoga:

* improve confidence & peace of mind
* increase strength, flexibility & balance
* connect body, mind and spirit
* reduce stress, improve mood and well-being
* reduce, pain and depression

More than just a physical practice – yoga is a moving meditation.

As the body becomes alert, the mind relaxes

Having participated in over 500 hours of training with some of the the most highly recognized teachers in the country including Manju Pattabhi Jois (as seen in above photo), David Swenson, Tim Miller, Richard Freeman and Eddie Stern along with Bryan Kest, Seann Corne and David Williams, my passion for Ashtanga yoga is fueled by my regular practice which I share enthusiastically with my students.

I specialize in creating a safe space where I can meet everyone where they are to build their physical strength, flexibility, balance and vitality to enrich their lives. My goal is to teach others how to draw their body, mind & spirit into greater harmony to provide contentment & a sense of improved well-being which are the requisite tools for living a contented and useful life. Enjoy the verbal & visual yoga instruction provided for physical and mental refreshment everyone can enjoy as I guide you through the Primary Series of Ashtanga yoga followed by Yoga Nidra meditation. I encourage everyone to have fun with their practice and be mindful on and off the mat as we emerge from behind the clouds and shine … one day at a time.


“I want to thank you for introducing me to Ashtanga yoga. This is now a part of who I am. Through your class, I’ve been able to accomplish so much more than I imagined possible. Yoga will always be part of my life. Thank you for playing an important role in getting me where I am.”             Linda

“Nancy’s class is like a Princess Cruise where we all come together and escape completely. Thanks so much and look forward to continuing the journey.”                                 Ken                   

“I can’t thank you enough for teaching me about yoga. Your classes were always one of the things I looked forward to most when I was home from college. Thanks to you, yoga went from being an easy workout after a stressful day to a part of my routine that I now consciously I make time & sprint across NYC during rush hour for.”                  Caitlin

“As if by a magical transformation, I became a believer in the benefits of yoga with Nancy. While my prior yoga experiences had been boring, painful, frustrating, or a combination of these, Nancy’s Ashtanga class is enjoyable, challenging, invigorating and peaceful. Although the Primary practice of Ashtanga consists of a specific set of poses, Nancy’s bright, bubbling & genuine personality shine through with her encouraging & relaxed verbal instruction. Soon, both your mind and muscles will commit this sequence to memory transforming your yoga practice into a moving meditation. It’s easy to connect with her and with your fellow yogis building a sense of community to enjoy a deep sense of interconnectedness.”                    Lisa